Measure the impact of your offerings

Insights provide a way to track, measure and implement engagement initiatives with confidence. Understand benefit uptake, allowance spend, ROI and more.

Track benefit uptake across the company

Know which benefits and allowances are performing best with strong uptake, driving your engagement initiatives with data.

Stay competitive with benchmarking

Make sure you're offering a competitive engagement plan by benchmarking against other companies in the same industry, size, or funding round.

See your teams top interests and hobbies

To engage you need to understand. Understanding your workforces interests means you can guarantee better uptake on events and initiatives that you put in place.

Track allowance uptake and spending

Track spending across the whole company and see which employees or managers aren't using their allowances.

Discover savings and swap with ease

Sit back and let our dedicated team find you cheaper solutions, negotiate better prices and suggest initiatives to supercharge your engagement offering.