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Happl is your employee benefits and engagement platform that manages compliance & tax, while saving you time & money on admin.

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Great companies are built by happy people

Our mission is to ensure every employee gets access to inclusive support that is right for them no matter where they are.

everything you need to engage your team, under one roof

Whether its insurance, flexible benefits, allowances or gifting - we handle it and more.

Accounting and compliance giving you a headache every month? Happl automates the lot, connecting to your existing tools and saving you the time and headache.

Team engagement starts here

Flex Benefits & Marketplace

Assign Wellbeing, L&D, WFH Setup allowances alongside hundreds of perks.

Private Health Insurance

Save time on admin and let us manage compliance for PMI cover and cash plans.

Income & Life Protection

Go further and protect your employees with income and life protection.

Gifting & Recognition

Inclusive gifting for managers, with key event reminders such as birthdays and milestones.

Inclusive and personalised benefits

Streamline your company-wide offerings from pension to healthcare, and offer flexible benefits through our curated marketplace.

A stack of Happl spend cards, one in green, one in white and one in lime green. These have a Happl logo top left, and a VISA logo bottom right

Flexible spend management for all

Provide employees and teams with a Happl spend card to streamline the expense process and offer total flexibility for employees.

A better way to recognise your team

Empower manager to celebrate and reward employees with Happl gifting. We prompt, automate, and gather feedback to make sure you are maximising your ROI.

Happl Employee and Client GiftingPop out showing the user interface for sending a gift. This tool enables employees to engage their team through sending gifts to celebrate milestones. Modal shows a candle with a yellow background, description, price and who it is being sent to
Someone pressing the button on a standing desk. This would have been ordered through the Happl marketplace as a response to someones Accommodation requestPop out of accommodation requests so that employees can safely disclose any personal information, and recieve support in the platform. Image shows a title, who the request is from, attachment of doctors note and their request. Ability to approve or browse marketplace to support. Happl

Make work, work for everyone

Safely manage accommodation requests to ensure all employees feel supported and able to bring their best selves to work.

Happl insights & benchmarking

Get actionable insights from spend trends, benefits uptake and engagement levels as well as benchmarking to make sure you're offering the most competitive benefits.

Your analytics and insights pop out showing top interests of employees, increase in wellbeing budget uptake and also calm app for wellness. Option to share PDF or create a reportSomeone on a computer typing, with analytics and insights on the screen

Boost productivity & retention

Create a culture of belonging and wellbeing leading to greater employee happiness and productivity

Save time & money

Access discounts and remove the admin by integrating Happl with your HRIS and accounting systems

Improve inclusiveness & engagement

Provide personalised benefits that enable employees to choose what suits their individual needs

For Managers

Empower managers to understand and engage their team

A tile showing an option of a Happl benefit. This image shows someone working out, the title Class Pass and the option to subscribe with a monthly subscription tagA image of a mum carrying her child, representing childcare benefit. This has a bright pink logo top right with a K in it, representing Koru Kids. Here it shows a discount of 30%.
A woman working on a computer, with blonde hair and glasses. This shows manager tools with reminders to send a poll to a team, browse the Happl marketplace, or to send a gift
A Happl yoga class with 5 people, colourful clothing and green plants in the shot
For Employees

Personalised benefits that is right for every individual’s needs

For HR

Improve employee belonging, wellbeing and productivity

An image in a arch showing Happl benchmarking, and savings. This has two pop outs layered on top, showing an increase in savings of 12% and a saving on a Happl healthcare benefit

Add your cards to Apple Pay

Enjoy all the benefits of your Happl Card with Apple Pay on iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad and Mac. Using Apple Pay is simple, and it works with the devices you use every day.

Learn more about Apple Pay here.

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