March 24, 2022

Y-Combinator backs Tahora

We’ve been accepted into Y-Combinator’s 2022 Winter Cohort!

A lot has happened since Tahora was founded in 2020, each day more challenging and exciting than the previous. We’re really proud of how far we’ve come, how much our team has grown, and how much we’ve learned along the way. Every step of this journey has been one for the books. But this announcement? It’s our biggest yet.

Here goes… We’ve been accepted into Y-Combinator’s 2022 Winter Cohort!

Okay, admittedly, for anyone not in the tech start-up world this news just ignites more questions. Like, what is Y-Combinator?

Well, YC is a start-up accelerator (the world’s best accelerator, to be specific). They’re based in San Fransisco, and prior to the pandemic that would’ve meant Tahora HQ would be on the next flight out! But because of Covid, we’re staying home, in London.

Their programme invests in and helps to support businesses as they grow. World-leading entrepreneurs are assigned to each business in the cohort, advising the founders and helping them take their product to the next level. They’ve invested in Airbnb, Dropbox, Stripe and Reddit. And now, Tahora!

It’s pretty huge news for a startup like us to be recognised by YC, and to be in their next cohort is a true honour.

On top of YC backing, we’re proud to be the go-to culture hub for countless leading organisations.

We’re here to spark vibrant community culture within workplaces through the power of shared interests, goals, and locations.

Our platform connects people in local areas, and shows company social events and groups online, helping to build positive relationships with colleagues beyond the workplace.

Tahora’s mission to help companies and their staff find that elusive sense of belonging has never felt more needed, especially with recent government guidance. Not to mention:

  • 42% of employees have no close friends in the workplace (Relate)
  • One in four workers state they have mental health challenges (Mind)
  • 85% are disengaged with their work (Gallup)
  • £14billion cost to UK businesses in lost productivity in 2020 *Westfield Health Charitable Trust

As founders, Mike Rose and I, connected through our shared passion for belonging. I saw two employees sat next to each other every single day and they didn’t realise that they both ran in the Royal Parks half marathon at the weekend, until the following Monday. And, since COVID, connecting with your team feels even more difficult.

We are social beings. Whether it’s the work Christmas party, a running club, or parents returning to work after childbirth, we want to connect within and beyond work. Tahora makes this easier and more enjoyable. Hybrid working models will continue to be the norm, and with more full-time remote working creeping back following the latest government advice, it is critical that companies maintain a sense of community for their workforce.

We’re so proud that Tahora is being recognised as a platform that can make a difference to people. We’re even more proud to have you join us for the ride.