September 2, 2022

Tahora is rebranding to Happl

Tahora rebrands to Happl, to reflect the direction, mission and focus moving forward as a business. Happl is your end-to-end people engagement and flexible benefits platform for global teams.

We’ve made the decision to rebrand from Tahora to Happl. We feel that Happl better reflects the direction that we’re going in as a business, our mission, and our focus moving forward. 

Happy People = Happl

We founded Tahora in 2019 and made it our mission to connect hybrid workforces and ensure employees feel that they belong at work. In those two years, we’ve grown a fantastic team, been backed by some of the world's leading investors including Y Combinator, and launched a successful platform for employees to connect over shared interests, goals, location and more.

Our mission remains the same. 

Over the past few months the team have been hard at work building the next generation of the product and we are excited to share this with you. Happl, is your inclusive benefits and recognition platform helping to supercharge employee engagement and belonging, save money and take care of admin and compliance. 

Happl’s end-to-end solution means that employers can have peace of mind that everything they need is in one place:

  • A global marketplace of benefits means that you can offer inclusive, personalised benefits for your workforce, as well as a dedicated space to provide your own company-wide offerings from healthcare to pension.
  • Flexible Happl spend cards empower employees and teams to provide complete flexibility and choice based on their individual needs.
  • Manager-to-employee gifting empowers leaders to celebrate and reward employees, with one of the largest gifting marketplaces. We prompt, automate and gather feedback to make sure you are maximising the impact of recognition.
  • A secure and safe place to manage accommodation requests, to ensure all employees feel supported and able to bring their best selves to work.
  • Personal dashboard of Happl insights so you can really see the impact of your people engagement strategy. From benefit uptake to benchmarking, the insights dashboard is designed to make it simple to save and understand.

How we’re keeping community at our core

Community has always been a core part of our business. The earliest version of Tahora when we launched was to build internal communities within companies. Successfully doing so with the likes of Google, RSPCA, Natwest and more - we’ve decided to use benefits as the catalyst.

Employees can now connect with others, and meet in person, around the things that they love the most. Benefits are a great place internally to get the conversation going, and with our employee ecosystem can instantly connect others who use the same benefit.

A note from the founders

“Employee engagement is more important than ever in a world of global remote work. Research has recently shown an enormous 70% of the variance in team engagement is determined solely by the manager, but manager support remains underserved. Happl is the first employee engagement platform to prioritise manager empowerment to directly improve company happiness and performance.” - Mike Rose, Co-Founder

“Everyone is unique, and your people experience strategy should reflect this. As we move to international remote workforces, admin and compliance often limit the effectiveness of how we are engaging our teams. Tahora is the inclusive tool we wished we had at our old companies, helping increase personalisation whilst decreasing admin.” - Ben Towers, Co-Founder

To find out more about Happl, visit or to book a demo to speak with us, visit:

Ben and Mike